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When creating a policy in BetterCloud, you are presented with the option to send a message when a doc is in violation of your policy. BetterCloud will send these violation emails in 15 minute intervals. Depending on the configuration of your policy, you may notice a high volume of violation emails. Here are a few options for better managing this influx of emails: 

  • Create an Email Filter
  • Set up Violation Flags
  • Create a Group to handle the emails

Create an Email Filter

LINK: BetterCloud Filters

You may want to consider creating a filter for these emails to prevent the flooding of your inbox. Creating a filter will allow you to take complete control over what happens with these emails when they reach your inbox. You can create a Filter both in BetterCloud and in your Gmail settings.
Here is our recommended configuration for an Email Filter:

  • Mark as Read
  • Apply a label: [Policy Name]

The combination of 'Mark as read' and 'Applying a label' will allow you to keep track of your policy violations emails while preventing them from flooding your inbox. In Gmail you can even color code the label so the email is easily identifiable.

Here are step by step instructions on how to set this up:

    1. Add a unique identifier to your notification email. For example '+Violation+'. This will make the email easily identifiable by your filter.
    2. Navigate to Tools > Filters
    3. In the 'Has the words' section, type the unique identifier from Step 1
    4. On the right side, type in a label such as 'Drive Violations' and check off 'Mark as Read'
    5. Click continue and choose which users inboxes this filter will be applied to
    6. Click continue once more and apply

Once you have created this filter, you can then adjust the color of the label on the left side of your Gmail inbox. For more info, see: Change label colors

Set-up Violation Flags

As a substitute for these emails, you may want to make it part of your routine to check BetterCloud daily to see which Docs have violated your organization's policy. The best way to do this is to set up 'Violation Flags' on your policy. This will flag the Docs giving you the ability to go into your Drive Audit and view all of the violations in one place.

You can set up 'Violation Flags' in the 'Actions' section of your policy.

Google Group Daily Digest

Using Google Groups, you can configure your policy to send these emails to an email address that will send you a daily digest of violations.

Here are the steps on how to do so:

    1. Create a new group in BetterCloud with the following settings:
    2. Once this group has been created, navigate to this group in the Google Groups interface by visiting:[YOUR DOMAIN] and searching for the group.
    3. Once you have found the group, click the settings cog (with user icon) on the top right as seen in this image and select 'Membership and email settings': 
    4. Change the setting in the drop-down to: 'Send daily summaries'
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