Alert Settings


Alert Settings in BetterCloud for G Suite can be edited, allowing you to customize your Domain Health and Insight Center to show you only the information you need to be alerted on.

To change your Alert Settings, click on the gear icon in the Domain Health and Insight Center.


From here, you can edit the details of the alerts you see on BetterCloud's dashboard:

  1. Select which section of Alerts you would like to edit
  2. Turn off the Alert. This will cause the alert not to display on the BetterCloud dashboard
  3. The alert title. This shows what ther alert will notify you about
  4. Adjust the threshold of the alert. You can select the quantity of data past which the alert will trigger and appear on the dashboard
  5. "Unsnooze" notifications that you had previously set to snooze


For more robust and customizable alerting, check out our alerting functionality in the newer BetterCloud UI.

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