Domain Health and Insight Center



The Health and Insight Center located on the Dashboard gives a comprehensive overview of the current state of your domain by displaying both quantified snapshot summaries and suggesting actions that can be taken to improve the health of your domain.



The snapshots displayed at the top of the Domain Health and Insight Center give you a quantified summary of the state of your domain.


 The fields that display in the dashboard can be customized by clicking the icon on the right side.

Adding snapshot fields

You can drag fields into the task bar to add them to the dashboard 


Removing snapshot fields

You can remove fields from the task bar by hovering over them and clicking the X button that appears.


click to save your changes

Domain Health


The Domain Health section displays a color coded summary of the health of your domain based on actions you have taken to ensure security and optimize domain management

  • If the Domain Health is Green then there are no actions that need to be taken
  • If the Domain Health is Yellow then there is at least one non-urgent action that needs to be taken
  • If the Domain Health is Red then there is at least one action that needs to be taken

Domain Actions


Below the Health Display all the actions are displayed split up by section

Actions in the Domain Health Section each have 4 parts

  1. The urgency of the action
    • No action necessary
    • Action Completed
    • Action Required (not urgent)
    • Action Required (urgent)
  2. A description of the action
  3. A link to complete the action
  4. How long ago the action was taken

*You can edit these alerts to best fit the needs of your domain in the Alert Settings

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