Dashboard Overview



The Dashboard in BetterCloud for G Suite makes it easier for admins to manage their domain. Convenience and intuitive design have been put front and center, offering you the ability to customize with your favorite tools, stats and alerts.

Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard can be broken into 6 sections:

Domain Health and Insight Center

The Domain Health and Insight Center displays snapshots of quantified data about your domain. You can choose which fields are displayed here from a total of 39 different options.Below this you can see the a color coded assessment of your domain's current state, as well as notifications of needed actions on your domain to ensure optimal security and management.

Settings / Search

The top right menu allows you to search BetterCloud, edit your BetterCloud Settings, access Support, switch your Access Role, and Sync your domain data.

BetterCloud Resources

BetterCloud Resources will keep you updated on BetterCloud's blog as well as new BetterCloud feature releases

Did You Know?

The 'Did you know?' section will inform you of all the current features in BetterCloud you could be utilizing so you get the most out of the application. 

My Task

The 'My Tasks' section is a customizable section where you can set tasks for yourself. This can be populated with up to 5 different tasks of your choosing so you can efficiently accomplish what you need in BetterCloud.

Policy Central

Policy Central allows you to create policies for Drive Sharing, Google+ Posting and 3rd party Application access to efficiently secure your domain.

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