Google is shutting down all Google+ APIs on March 7, 2019 and we will be unable to support this feature in BetterCloud. Please be aware that Google+ will be removed prior to that date. Please contact Support: with any questions.


The Google+ feature in BetterCloud allows an admin to monitor and filter the comments/posts made in Google+ by the users on their domain. It offers the ability to browse all Google+ posts by users, and create Google+ Policies for a domain all from one place within BetterCloud.

You can access Google+ from the Google Apps tab in BetterCloud.

  1. Posts
    • Able to filter through Google+ posts from domain users by:
      • User
      • Posted Date
      • Violation
    • Able to view Google+ posts by:
      • Public posts
      • Policy Violations
      • Domain
      • All Posts
    • Able to "Alert Users"
      • This can be used to alert a user if they are posting unwanted content on their Google+ page
    • Able to click into individual Posts for more details and comments
  2. Policies
    • Notify poster via email notification when they violate a policy
    • Do not prevent users from creating Google+ posts
    • Do not remove posts from Google+
    • Allow filtering of content
      • Allow or Disallow public posting with or without exceptions

Note: Poster refers to the user who wrote the post


Google+ posts will only appear in BetterCloud after a sync. To perform a sync:

    1. Click on the refresh icon on the Google+ page and select ‘Sync Domain Data’.


When you click into Google+ it will bring you to the Posts section. Here you will be able to view all of the posts from users on your domain.

  1. Public posts - all posts by users on your domain shared publicly
  2. Policy Violations - all posts in violation of a policy
  3. Domain posts - all posts shared with your domain
  4. All posts

Public, Domain, and All Posts

Each post will be listed under the tabs ‘public’, ‘domain’, and ‘all posts’, depending on how it is shared. Here you can:

  1. Filter by User or Date
  2. Export to spreadsheet
  3. Alert selected Users
  4. View the post
  5. View the user
  6. View the date posted

Alerting a User

If you find a violation, you can alert that user via email through BetterCloud.

  1. Select template
    • You can use a blank or existing template
  2. Send to - who this message is sent to
    • ‘[poster]’ refers to the user that posted on Google+
  3. Reply to - this email will receive the reply message
  4. BCC - blind carbon copy any additional people
    • i.e. - the CEO of the company
  5. Subject
  6. Email Body
  7. Dynamic Fields
    • Poster Name - automatically places poster’s name in message
    • Post link - automatically places post link in message
  8. Save as new template

Individual Posts

You can click into a post and view its details.

  1. Post details
  2. View post (see below)
  3. View number of +1’s, shares, and comments

View Full Post

When clicking ‘view post’ from the individual post you view a more detailed description of it.

  1. View who +1’ed the post
  2. View who re-shared the post
  3. View comments on the post

Google+ Policies

    • In BetterCloud, you can build Google+ policies to determine how users can share Google+ posts and what content they can include.
    • You can create a policy for:
      • Everyone
      • Domain
      • Org Unit
      • User
    • When creating a policy, you are able to define Policy rules that determines what words are not allowed to be used in posts
    • When creating a policy, you have the option to notify the poster
      • Poster will receive an email and you can choose to use a violation notice template or a customizable blank template

Creating a Policy

  1. Go to your Google Apps Tab > Google+ > Google+ Policies
  2. Select, Create New
  3. Then, select who this policy is for: Everyone, Domain, Org Unit or User. Click Continue.
    • Note: Domain will only appear if there is a subdomain, otherwise it will not show.
  4. In this step, you will be setting up your policy rules. There are two main parts to setting up your rules:
      • Choosing to Allow or Not Allow public posting
      • Choosing what your Exceptions are, if any:
        • If choosing “with some exceptions”, then you will add Content Filters, which would be words you do not want appearing in Posts (up to 50 words)
        • Choosing “with no exceptions” would mean that you are allowing all words to be used in Posts
      • If you choose to notify the Poster, you have will choose an option of two email templates that will get sent to the User once they have violated this Policy
    • On your Google+ Policies page, you also have the option to enable End-User Notifications
      • End-User Sharing Alerts displays a list of posts owned by the user that are violating a Google+ policy, and the list can be found on the End-User Dashboard in BetterCloud
    • Once you have created Google+ Policies, they can all be viewed in one place on the main Google+ Policies page:


-The primary admin for your domain must have a public Google+ account. If you don't know who your domain's primary admin is, please contact Support.

-Google+ must enabled for your domain in the Google Admin Console. To do so, navigate to Apps > G Suite > Google+, and ensure that this listing is set to ‘ON for everyone’ or ‘ON for some organizations’ depending on your organization structure:

Also, when first accessing Google+ tools in BetterCloud, you must grant additional OAuth permissions in our app. 

After clicking Continue, press accept to give BetterCloud the new permissions.

If you get a blank page when going to accept google+ permissions in BetterCloud then navigate to the Security Page and revoke permission for BetterCloud before attempting again.

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