Audit/Activity Logs in BetterCloud for G Suite



Audit Logs

The Audit Log shows a record of every action that is performed within BetterCloud. In the Audit Log you can:

  1. View the time that each action occurred
  2. View the admin that performed each action
  3. View the section within BetterCloud that was changed
  4. View the focus of each action affected
  5. View the message
  6. Search the logs by date range and section
  7. Export Audit Log to a spreadsheet

Please note: Any action made in BetterCloud will show up as the installing admin in the Google Admin Console. This is an API limitation. Please check the Audit Log in BetterCloud for the correct user.

Activity Logs

The Activity Log shows the status of the actions performed within BetterCloud, therefore allowing it to be used as a great troubleshooting tool. In the Activity Logs you can:

  1. Search by status
  2. View the status of the action by color:
    • Blue - In progress
    • Green - Completed
    • Yellow - Completed, but with Errors
    • Red - Failed to complete
  3. View a description of the selected action

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