Adding Users to a Spreadsheet separated by pipes



  1. List Email Addresses
  2. Adjust add pipe formula
  3. Copy contents
  4. Paste contents

Often in BetterCloud when making bulk edits, there are fields that will require you to list user email addresses separated by pipes. This can be a time consuming process if you are adding many users to this field.

This article is designed to make entering multiple user email addresses separated by pipes as easy and efficient as possible using the Add Pipes Spreadsheet

Step 1:

List your email addresses in Column B

Step 2:

In Column C, adjust the =addpipe() formula in cell C2 to contain the range of email addresses in Column B. ie: =addpipe(B2:B70)

**Feel free to use the =addpipe() function in other cells as well if you’d like

Step 3:

Copy the output from cell C2

Step 4:

Navigate to the spreadsheet you would like to paste this into and Right Click > Paste Special > Values Only

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