BetterCloud for G Suite Log-In Troubleshoot



If you are having trouble logging into BetterCloud for G Suite (, we highly recommend that you go through the following troubleshooting steps in your Google Admin Console, in order to make sure that BetterCloud is set up properly for your domain.

1) Make sure you have API access enabled: > Security > API Permissions


2) Make sure BetterCloud has access to services in App Access Control: > Security > App Access Control > Manage App Access Control

-Make sure that BetterCloud has access to Gmail, Drive, Calendar, G Suite Admin, & Contacts

-If these services are set to be Restricted, BetterCloud should be added as a Trusted app.

-Refer to this G Suite article for more details on managing app access:



3) Make sure data access is granted: > Apps > Marketplace Apps > BetterCloud > Make sure data access is granted 

4) Make sure BetterCloud is turned ON for everyone on your domain: > Apps > Marketplace Apps > make sure that BetterCloud is listed as "On for everyone":

5) Revoke/Accept Permissions

-Navigate to: Account Permissions

-Click on "BetterCloud" and Revoke access

-Log into BetterCloud at and reaccept permissions when prompted

6) Still unable to login?

1) Open a Ticket

2) Check the Status of BetterCloud

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