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  1. Role Details
  2. Empower Users
  3. Access by
  4. Review
  5. Utilizing the role

If you're looking for the Privileges tool in the new BetterCloud, please click here.

Access Control is a way to give (non super admin) users of your domain the ability to use BetterCloud to execute certain administrative functions. Setting up a role is a great way to delegate admin duties without having to grant users admin status in the Google Admin Console.

For example, you could give a specific user or the entire marketing department the power to create and assign email signatures. The Email Signature tool in BetterCloud would be available to that user or department but the rest of the controls and privileges granted to an administrator would still be unavailable to them.

To set up an access role, first navigate to the "Settings" gear icon in the top right corner of your BetterCloud window, and select "Access Control" from the drop down menu:


Next, click "Create" at the top of the page, to create a new access role:

Step 1: Role Details

Name the new access role and write a description of the role (the description is optional.)

Step 2: Empower Users

Choose which users the new access role will be assigned to. These users will be able to utilize the permissions you designate to the role.

Step 3: Access by

On this page you will choose the parameters and permissions of the access role. First designate whether this role's permissions will have domain wide applicability, or if the user in the role will be restricted to managing a particular org unit. 

When you've selected the role's parameters, you can then begin selecting permissions for the role, and functionality that users in this role will have access to use. (There are fewer permissions available when access only applies to certain org units, rather than the entire domain.)

Domain Wide Access:

Restricted by Org Unit:

Step 4: Review

Review the settings for the new access role, and click "Save and Apply" to assign the role to the users you selected.

Utilizing the role

To utilize their newly assigned role, a user can log into BetterCloud and select the access role in the drop down menu next to their profile image, in the top right corner of their BetterCloud window. When selected, their window will reload and offer the appropriate functionality that has been granted.


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Note: Custom access roles within the Admin Console will not translate into BetterCloud, and vice versa, as they are separate systems.

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