Create a Domain Wide Send-As Alias



  1. Export All Users
  2. Use Email Generation Spreadsheet
  3. Copy and Paste into User Spreadsheet
  4. Import into BetterCloud
  5. Navigate to Send-as Alias
  6. Change Email Field

This article will explain how to create a domain wide Send-as Alias on your domain. This can be useful for when you are moving users to a subdomain.

Step 1:

Navigate to Directory > Users > Explore. Export all your users to a spreadsheet:

Step 2:

Make a copy of this pre-formatted spreadsheet to generate new email addresses:

Step 3:

Copy and paste the email addresses made by this sheet into the nickname column of the User Directory spreadsheet you already exported from BetterCloud, in column AL:

Step 4:

Import your User Directory spreadsheet back into BetterCloud: 

Step 5:

Navigate to Tools > Gmail > Send-As Alias:

Step 6:

Change the second email field to that of your sub-domain, and check 'Make this alias the default Send-As address':

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