How to Create "All Members and their Groups" Report



  1. All Groups and Their Members
  2. Clear Formatting
  3. Select Pivot Table
  4. Add fields
  5. Finish

BetterCloud does not currently have a report that shows all the users on your domain and the groups that they are in, but this article will show you how to easily modify an existing report to create this.

**This will only display users that are members of groups

Step 1:

Run the report "All Groups and Their Members" from the Canned Reports section


Step 2:

Select ALL > Select Format > Clear formatting 


Step 3:

Select ALL > Select Data > Select Pivot Table


Step 4:

In Pivot Table 1, Go to Pivot Table Editor on the right hand side.

  • a.) Rows > Add > Select Member Email.
  • b.) Followed by Add  > Select Group Name. The configuration should look like:

Step 5:

Final report should look like:

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