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BetterCloud's Integration Center allows you to add a wide range of different SaaS integrations under one roof, but it is important to remember that there are two types of Integrations in BetterCloud: "Full" and "Action-Only".

The sections below explains the differences between the two types Integrations and what you can expect with each.


Full Integrations

"Full" Integrations ingest metadata from service providers like users, groups, organizational units, and Files, allowing you to trigger Alerts and Workflows based on the data we ingest. Below is a list of Full Integrations supported by BetterCloud:

Once you've added one or more of these Integrations, BetterCloud will automatically begin syncing in data from the provider. Please refer to this help center article for more information on how frequently we sync in data from these Integrations


Actions-Only Integrations

"Action-Only" Integrations do not ingest data from service providers and cannot natively trigger Alerts and Workflows.

You are still able to perform Actions via the Actions menu and add Actions to the THEN section of Workflows. You can manually input any required field for one-off Actions, or utilize dynamic fields from any Full Integrations you've added to autofill data for any required field. 

Below is a list of all Action-Only Integrations supported by BetterCloud:

Aside from referencing the lists above, you can tell if an Integration is a "Full" or "Action-Only" Integration by checking the labels underneath the Integration's name from the Integration Center in app.bettercloud.com:

  • "Action-Only" Integrations will only have "Actions" underneath the Integration name, meaning we only provide Actions for that Integration.
  • "Full" Integrations will be marked with an "Alerts" or "Assets" label, as well as an "Actions" label, meaning we sync in and provide alerts for assets related to that Integration, and allow you to take Action on those assets.


Custom Integrations 

Customers with access to BetterCloud's platform API can add Custom Integrations if they choose. Similar to Action-Only Integrations, any Custom Integration added will not ingest data from service providers or be able to natively trigger Alerts and Workflows.

For more information on Custom Integrations, please see this help center article 


Important  /Requirements 

  • Each Integration has an accompanying article (linked above) that will walk you through the required information you must provide when installing. You can also find these articles in the “Additional Resources” section of the Integration’s details in the Integration Center.
  • Every Integration will require some level of configuration before it can be used in BetterCloud. Please see our overview of the general process. 
  • Adding integrations requires that you have the necessary admin credentials in those services to integrate with BetterCloud.
  • If you experience difficulties adding integrations to your BetterCloud instance, please contact Support.


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