Release: 04/14/2017 - NEW - Slack Actions in Workflows


Release date: 04/14/2017

Platform: BetterCloud

Related to: Workflows Builder

Description: New Slack actions have been added to the Workflow Builder, to help you get more functionality out of your Slack connector in BetterCloud. 

  • Add Comment to File - This action adds a comment to a file in Slack

  • Disable Public Sharing - This action disables public sharing for a file in Slack
  • Enable Public Sharing - This action enables public file sharing for a file in Slack. Please note: public file sharing must be enabled in Slack Admin Settings & Permissions (Permissions > Public File Sharing > "Enable public file URL creation")

  • Set User's Status - This action sets or clears a user's status in Slack

More information: Connectors, Slack in BetterCloud 

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