Known Issue: API Limitations in Salesforce Editions


API Limitations

BetterCloud supports integration with Salesforce, for customers currently employing either the Lightning Enterprise or Lightning Unlimited Enterprise edition of Salesforce. To view your current edition of Salesforce, please see here: How to find Salesforce Edition and API Version

For each of these editions, Salesforce places daily limits on the number of API calls that may be made to request a customer's data. BetterCloud, along with other third party apps and services, uses this API call process to sync a customer's Salesforce information into our app. All calls made by our app and others will count against a customer's daily API limit. 

You can read more about this Salesforce API limitation here: API Request Limits

BetterCloud has worked hard to ensure that we make the smallest number of API calls necessary to support our app's functionality. However, in the event that you reach this daily limit in Salesforce's API, please note that we will not be able to incorporate any new Salesforce data into our app until the following day. This will not have an effect on existing Salesforce data either natively, or in BetterCloud. 

In addition, BetterCloud does not sync in Deactivated Salesforce accounts because the Salesforce API does not expose those accounts

If you have any questions or concerns about BetterCloud’s call volume to the Salesforce API, please contact your BetterCloud Success Manager, or the BetterCloud Support team.

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