Known Issue: Drive Ownership Transfers via Google Data Transfer API



BetterCloud has worked with Google to determine the cause of this issue, which was an undocumented change to the Data Transfer API's parameters. BetterCloud has taken steps to update the way we use this API, and after extensive testing this issue is now considered resolved. 

Please contact Support if you continue to experience any of the issues described below. 


Google is currently experiencing a performance issue in their Data Transfer API, in which ownership transfers of Google Drive documents are being reported as successfully completed, when in fact these transfers have failed and did not complete. 

BetterCloud and BetterCloud for G Suite utilize this API to execute ownership transfers in which all Google Drive data on a user account is transferred to another user account. Therefore, Drive transfers in the areas have been affected: 

BetterCloud for G Suite:

  • Deprovision tool
  • Drive Audit - only when using "Owned by User" filter combined with pressing "Select All" and "Change ownership" (individual file/folder transfers are not affected)


To raise awareness of this issue and mitigate its effect on BetterCloud customers, we have taken the following steps:

  • Installed messaging in all affected areas of our apps 
  • Temporarily removed the "Transfer Drive Files" action from the Workflow Builder

Please read below for more detailed information and instructions on next steps to take, as well as instructions for contacting BetterCloud Support if you wish to be kept apprised of status updates. 

Customers with Existing Workflows

For any customers with existing workflows that include a "Transfer Drive Files" action, this action will be reported as successfully completed in the workflow's results. However, this ownership transfer will not be successful, and Drive contents will not have been transferred to their new owner. 

For this reason, you may wish to edit your workflow to temporarily remove this action. You may also wish to temporarily remove any "Delete User" action that exists in the same workflow, in order to prevent unintended data loss. 

You can manually execute ownership transfers of a user account's Drive contents in the Google Admin Console: Transfer Drive files to a new owner

Customers Creating New Workflows

Please note that the "Transfer Drive Files" action has been temporarily removed from the Workflow Builder, until this issue has been confirmed resolved - no new workflows created can include this action, during this time. 

Instead, you can manually execute ownership transfers of a user account's Drive contents in the Google Admin Console: Transfer Drive files to a new owner

Manual Ownership Transfers

For all BetterCloud customers who wish to transfer ownership of a user's complete Drive contents, you can use this tool in the Google Admin Console, for the time being: Transfer Drive files to a new owner

Star Issue in Google Issue Tracker

On 02/12/2017, BetterCloud posted this issue publicly on Google's Issue Tracker. We anticipate that Google will follow up there, to acknowledge the existence of the issue. You may view the tracker on the issue here.

If you have been affected by this issue, we encourage you to star it in Google Issue Tracker, so that Google can more effectively gauge its impact:

Contact BetterCloud Support

To be kept apprised of updates as we work with Google to resolve this issue, please open a Support Ticket with BetterCloud. 

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