Known Issue: Updating Group Settings


When attempting to update the settings of Google Groups, either through manual or bulk spreadsheet action in BetterCloud for G Suite, or via manual or automated Workflow action in BetterCloud, these actions appear to complete successfully, and BetterCloud will report no errors. However, subsequent review of these group settings will not reflect the updates made. 

This is due to an inconsistency observed in Google's Group Settings API, which BetterCloud utilizes to submit these changes, in which requests to update settings receive a successful response, but subsequent calls to report group settings do not reflect the updates made. 

BetterCloud has confirmed this behavior when updating the following settings, though additional settings may also be affected: 

  • "Who Can Join"
  • "Who Can Invite" 
  • "Include in Global Address List"

Next Steps

While this issue is ongoing, some updates to group settings may not be possible through either BetterCloud or G Suite directly. If a successful workaround can be determined, we will update this article to include it. 

BetterCloud is in contact with Google Support regarding this issue, and we hope to see it resolved shortly. This article will be updated, once a resolution has been confirmed. 

For any questions or concerns, please contact BetterCloud Support

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