Zendesk Alerts in BetterCloud


Alerts in BetterCloud can be enabled and customized for your domain to help keep you apprised of security concerns and monitor important settings. Alerts can also be used to trigger Workflows, allowing you to dynamically manage security concerns, redundancies, and routine admin tasks across your organization.

The following is a list of Alerts currently available in BetterCloud from the Zendesk Integration.  

Administrator Added

Users that have had super administrator permissions added

Administrator Removed

Users that have had their super administrator permissions removed

New Agent Added

A new agent has been added to your team

New Organization Added

A new organization has been added to your team

Suspended User Count Exceeds Threshold

The number of users currently suspended has exceeded the threshold set

Users with No Phone Number

Users that are missing a Phone Number in their profile

User Two-Factor Authentication Status Changed

Users that have a change in their Two-Factor Authentication status

Please note: all of these Alerts support adding additional conditions, allowing you to create custom Alerts in order to scope your alerting to suit your needs.

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