Managing Salesforce Roles Permission Sets in BetterCloud


When utilizing the "Add User to Permission Set", "Remove User from Permission Set", and "Set User's Role" actions from the Salesforce Integration in BetterCloud, either manually from a grid view, or via an automated Workflow, it's important to note the following requirement:

These fields will auto-populate entry options as you type, and you must choose your entry for this field from the available options. However, as all Salesforce roles, and Salesforce permission sets except for "Sales Console User" are fully custom and will vary by organization, please note that you must enter text that corresponds with an existing role or permission set available in your Salesforce Integration. 

Here is an example of how this functionality will appear in the Workflow Builder in BetterCloud: 


To audit the roles and permission sets that currently existing in Salesforce, you must log into your Salesforce instance and navigate to Settings > Manage Users.

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