Which version of BetterCloud do I have?



If you're navigating through BetterCloud and aren't sure which version of our app your domain is currently subscribed to, there's any easy place to check!

BetterCloud Version

In the top right corner of the BetterCloud window, click on your account's profile image. From the dropdown menu below, select "Account Settings. 

Here, you'll be able to see your domain's current subscription and billing details, including version. 

Reseller / Contact Support

If you experience the following error message, this is because BetterCloud does not have billing information available for your domain. This is typically because your domain purchases its BetterCloud subscription through an authorized reseller, which is responsible for billing and subscription renewal: 

If you receive this error message, or if you have any trouble locating your domain's BetterCloud version, please contact Support
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