Required Admin Permissions for Connecting Integrations


When configuring a new integration in BetterCloud, the app in question will require that certain access permissions be granted to BetterCloud. Typically, only admin level users in the associated app can grant these permissions. 

We recommend using a service account when installing integrations. This will prevent an interruption in service in the case that an installing user loses the necessary permissions to authenticate in the future.

Below is a list of our available integrations, along with the admin level necessary to grant permissions. For assistance locating or assigning an admin in a particular app, please click on the associated external link. 


Google - Super Admin 

G Suite Administrator Help: Assign Administrator Roles to a User

Slack - Owner or Administrator

Slack Help Center: Owners and Administrators

Please note: If you have your Slack instance set to only allow owners to manage Approved Apps and custom integrations, any installation by a Slack Administrator will fail. Please ensure that an Owner connects Slack to BetterCloud.

Zendesk - Owner or Administrator

Zendesk Support: Managing Users

Dropbox - Team admin 

Dropbox Help Center: How to I make someone on my Business account an admin?

Namely - Namely administrator

[No public documentation available]

Salesforce - Salesforce System Administrator

Salesforce: Add or Change Salesforce System Administrators

Okta - Super Admin

Okta Help Center: Administrators

Azure AD - Global admin and Application admin

Azure AD role descriptions and permissions

Office 365 - Global administrator

Microsoft Office Support: Assign admin roles in Office 365 for business

OneLogin - OneLogin Super User or Account Owner

OneLogin KB: Privileges

Box - Primary Admin

Box Community: Transferring Admin Privileges to Another User



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