How To Clone an Existing Workflow


This article will provide instructions for cloning existing workflows, allowing you to quickly duplicate and customize workflows that have already been built for your domain. 

Begin by navigating to the Workflows Manager in BetterCloud. Select the workflow you wish to clone, and from its dropdown carrot icon, select "Clone Workflow". All existing workflows can be cloned, regardless of the draft, active or inactive state they are in. 

After clicking "Clone Workflow", a draft copy of this exact workflow will be created and saved, under the name "[original workflow name] (copy)". You will be automatically directed to the Workflow Builder, where you can further customize and rename your cloned workflow. 

Once created, cloned workflows can be managed normally, along with all others that have been created from scratch. Changes made to cloned workflows will not affect the originals that they were cloned from. 

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