How To Clone an Existing Workflow


If you need to make copies of your Workflows or would like to use an existing Workflow as a template, you can quickly clone the Workflow by following the steps outlined in this article.

Begin by navigating to the Workflows Manager in BetterCloud. Find the Workflow you wish to clone, and from its dropdown carrot icon, select "Clone Workflow". All existing Workflows can be cloned, regardless of whether they are in a draft, active, or inactive state.


After clicking "Clone Workflow", a draft copy of this Workflow will be created and saved under the name "[original workflow name] (copy)". You will be automatically directed to the Workflow Builder, where you can further customize and rename your cloned Workflow.


Once created, cloned workflows can be managed like any other Workflow. Changes made to cloned Workflows will not affect the originals that they were cloned from. When cloning a Workflow, the user who is currently logged in will be listed as the creator of the cloned version. This means that any Workflow actions taken by the new version will be attributed to the user who cloned the Workflow in the Audit Logs in BetterCloud.

Please note: It is possible for a single event to trigger multiple Workflows if the WHEN and IF conditions are the same. Be sure to adjust your conditions accordingly when cloning Workflows in order to avoid accidentally taking duplicate actions.

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