'Copy' User Action Workflow Limitation


It is common practice when provisioning new users within your organization to copy user profiles across all of your SaaS applications. BetterCloud's ‘Copy’ user actions are a quick and simple way to accomplish this task. After provisioning these new accounts in these new applications, you may want to set-up a BetterCloud Workflow that will take additional actions on these users such as: setting the user's profile information, adding the user to specific groups, granting the user access to certain resources, etc.

When using the ‘Copy’ user actions within a Workflow, we highly recommend creating a complimentary Workflow to take these additional actions on this newly created user. At the moment, it is not possible to take action on a copied user in the same Workflow it was created due to technical limitations. Below is an example of a two Workflow solution we recommend configuring to bypass this temporary limitation:


Workflow 1:

In this Workflow, we are simply copying the newly created Namely user to Google.

Note: any actions added after the ‘Copy’ action within the same Workflow will not succeed due to an existing technical limitation.


Workflow 2:

In the second Workflow, our goal is to take actions on this newly created Google user. Our triggering event will be ‘Any new user is created in Google’. In the ‘THEN’ section, we will list all of the actions that we would like to take on this newly created user.



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