BetterCloud: "Permission Required" Login Troubleshooting



When logging into the new BetterCloud app at, you may be presented with the following error message: 


This article will help you troubleshoot the possible reasons why you are receiving this message, and provide steps to correct them, in order to restore your access to the BetterCloud app. 

You Haven't Been Added to a BetterCloud Role.

For Super Admins:

The new BetterCloud app is equipped with greater scope and more powerful tools than the existing BetterCloud for G Suite app, and therefore requires a higher level of security. 

Thus, all existing domain Super Admins will not automatically inherit access to the new BetterCloud app. Only the first Super Admin to log into the new BetterCloud app for the first time, and verify our app's permissions, will be automatically placed into the equivalent "Super Admin" role in this app. 

For any other users on your domain requiring access to the new app, this Super Admin with access must use our Role Based Privileges tool to place users inside the appropriate access role - either preformatted roles or newly created custom roles can be used for this purpose. 

If you are a Google Super Admin but do not have access to the new BetterCloud app, please contact the Admin on your domain that installed and enabled BetterCloud to request access. 

For End Users and Users in BetterCloud for G Suite Roles:

For end user accounts - those accounts that have not been granted any privileges in either the Google Admin Console or BetterCloud for G Suite - or for user accounts with lesser or custom roles in either the Admin Console or BetterCloud for G Suite, please note that these roles will not be valid in the new BetterCloud app, nor can these roles be migrated into the new app. 

Instead, the domain's Super Admin must use our Role Based Privileges tool to place users inside the appropriate access role - either preformatted roles or newly created custom roles can be used for this purpose. 

If you require access to the new BetterCloud app, please contact your domain's primary Super Admin to request access.

Your BetterCloud Role Does Not Include Access to This Section.

Given the expanded scope of the new BetterCloud app, roles created here will differ from roles created in BetterCloud for G Suite. It will not be enough to have been granted access to a particular tool; roles will also need access to the content that the tool can manage. 

For example: if an admin wants to provide a user with a role that can create workflows, and those workflows will affect groups, this role can't just contain access to the Workflows tool - it must also have the ability to manage groups. 


If you are attempting to access a particular area of the BetterCloud app, but are confronted with the "Permission Required" message pictured at the top of this article, it may be that your role does not contain sufficient permissions to access the area you are navigating to. 

In this case, you must contact the admin who granted you this role, and request expanded permissions. If needed, your admin can contact BetterCloud Support with a screenshot of your role's existing permissions, and we'll be happy to assist in building out a more broadly scoped role. 

More Information

If you have additional questions or concerns about the functionality of role based privileges in the new BetterCloud app, or if you are experiencing access issues not addressed by the expected behavior detailed above, please contact BetterCloud Support

For security reasons, please note that BetterCloud Support cannot provide you with access to your domain's instance of BetterCloud, if you have not been explicitly granted a role with appropriate permissions by your Super Admin. 

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