Release: 06/13/2017 - NEW - Alerts Meets Workflows


Release date: 06/13/2017

Platform: BetterCloud

Related to: Alerts, Workflows

Product Manager’s note: We’re excited to announce that our newest release enables you to trigger workflows off of alerts and automate policy enforcement across your SaaS applications. This release improves security across your environment and ensures compliance across applications. You can set up policy enforcement workflows today for email forwarding, file sharing permissions, administrator management, and more.

Description: Alerts can now be selected as triggering events in Workflows! A full suite of alerts are now available in the WHEN section of the Workflow Builder, from across our existing connectors: Atlassian, Dropbox, Google, Salesforce, Slack and Zendesk.

When an alert that is enabled in BetterCloud is used as a WHEN event in a published workflow, and is next triggered by a threshold-exceeding event, that alert's event will automate the workflow's actions. Combinations of alert events and workflow actions across connectors can now provide a variety of security, data, and directory driven management tasks! 

Please note - If an enabled alert already has prior events that exceeded its threshold, and is then chosen as a workflow's triggering WHEN event, the workflow will only run for items that exceed this alert's threshold from the point of workflow creation forward.

Additional alerts will be available in the Workflow Builder soon. For more information, please see our articles below! 

More information: Alerts, How to Create a Workflow, Using an Alert as a Workflow Event

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