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Alerts in BetterCloud provide a customizable way of triggering workflows. When a configured alert is used as the WHEN event in a published workflow, triggers that cause the alert's threshold to be exceeded, and the alert to activate, will also trigger the workflow to run and take its set actions. This combination will allow you to dynamically manage security concerns, redundancies, and routine admin tasks across your organization.

Setting up an alert trigger for a workflow is a very similar process to manually creating individual alerts and workflows. Using an alert as a workflow condition may give you more granular triggers because alerts represent a broader scope of triggers than are available natively in the workflow builder, and also include additional conditions that can be added when creating custom alerts.

Enabling Alerts

The order in which you create your alert-workflow connection doesn't strictly matter: you can configure and enable your alert first, or build your workflow first.

However, please keep in mind that an existing history of triggers on an already active alert will not cause a newly created workflow to run. The workflow will only run for items that exceed this alert's threshold from the point of workflow creation forward. In addition, new custom alerts will not display as workflow conditions until they are created and enabled from the Alerts Manager.

For full instructions to guide you through setting up a new alert, please review this documentation.


Creating a Workflow

Similar to enabling your alert, the process of creating a new workflow will be the same; you will simply choose an alert as your WHEN event in the Workflow Builder.

Alerts will be organized in the WHEN section of the Workflow Builder Library, in the “Alerts” menu listing for each app.


Your workflow will be triggered and run when the next instance of your alert exceeding its set threshold is detected.

For more information about Workflows, and full instructions for creating, testing and managing Workflows, please see this section of the Help Center: Workflows


Please note:

- If an enabled alert already has prior events that exceeded its threshold, and is then chosen as a workflow's triggering WHEN event, the workflow will only run for items that exceed this alert's threshold from the point of workflow creation forward.

- You can also choose THEN actions for your workflow that are associated with a different integration than your triggering alert.

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