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BetterCloud's Integration Center allows you to pair other third-party apps with your BetterCloud instance, supporting integration and automation across multiple platforms used by your organization in a single interface.

When integrating a new application with your BetterCloud instance, there are several general steps in BetterCloud that provide a consistent experience. However, each integration is different, occasionally requiring differing levels of access and approval, or reciprocal steps on the integration's end.

We recommend using a service account when installing this integration. This will prevent an interruption in service in the case that an installing user loses the necessary permissions to authenticate in the future.

Integrating Namely with BetterCloud will require several additional steps on the part of the connecting admin. This article will guide you through a full set of instructions for the Namely integration.

Enabling BetterCloud in Namely

1. Navigate to your Namely domain, and log into your account as an admin:  https://{yourDomain}

2. Once logged in, click on the User Settings dropdown menu in the top right corner of the Namely window, and select "API" from the dropdown menu: 

3. On the API page, select "Personal Access Token". 


4. This tool will be used to create a new, custom access token for your Namely integration in BetterCloud. Enter a name for this token, and click "create": 

5. You will now be presented with your new Personal Access Token, which will be necessary for adding your Namely integration inside BetterCloud. Please be sure to copy this token only, as it will not be retrievable again.  

Adding a Namely Integration in BetterCloud

1. With your Security Key from Namely copied, open a new browser tab or window, and navigate to the Integration Center in BetterCloud and locate the Namely integration from the Discover section.


2. Click "Install" to begin your installation process:


3. Next, review the permissions that are required in BetterCloud when installing the Namely integration:


4. In the "Namely ID" line, enter the company name that appears in your Namely URL (ex: bettercloud ONLY not In the "Namely API Token" line, paste your access token. When you are finished, click "Name Integration":


5. After you have completed this portion of the registration process, give your Namely Integration a unique custom name.


6. Congratulations! You reached the final step and finished adding your Namely integration.

Now that you’ve successfully added your Namely integration to your BetterCloud instance, you get started right away with using the Alerts button to begin adding alerts to your domain, and set up Workflows for automation.

Clicking on the blue “Visit Alerts” button will redirect you to the Alerts Manager page. And selecting the “Visit Workflows” blue button guides you straight to the Workflows creation to get started on your very first Workflow!


7. When access is verified, you will be directed back to the Integration Center, where your new Namely integration will be visible.


Removing a Namely Integration

To disconnect a Namely integration that is no longer needed in your BetterCloud instance, please see our steps for removing an integration.

Viewing and Managing Integrations

Once instances of an integration have been added to your BetterCloud instance, they will be appear in new ways throughout our app, and be distinguished by name. Please see our "Viewing, Managing, and Deleting Integrations" article for more information about how integrations will appear throughout BetterCloud.

Important / Requirements

  • Adding integrations will require that you have the necessary admin credentials in those services to grant permissions.
  • If you experience difficulties adding integrations to your BetterCloud instance, please contact Support.
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