Known Issue: "Member already Exists" error When Adding Users to Google Groups


When attempting to add a user as a new member of a Google Group, either through manual or bulk spreadsheet action in BetterCloud for G Suite, or via an automated Workflow action in BetterCloud, this action may fail in the following instance: 

  • If the new member already has a pending join request submitted in Google GroupsImage_2019-07-19_at_5.22.14_PM.png

In this instance, Google will return a failure message stating "Member Already Exists", which will then be reported in BetterCloud and BetterCloud for G Suite. However, Google will not report this user as a current member of the group, and therefore this user will not appear as a member in BetterCloud or BetterCloud for G Suite. 

Next Steps

To accept or reject any pending join requests for your Google Group, please see Google Support documentation here, under "Accept requests to join your Group": 

Google Support: Add people to your group

Next, you may wish to run a Directory sync in BetterCloud for G Suite, to ensure that your Google Group data in our app is up to date. 

For any questions or concerns, please contact BetterCloud Support

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