Known Issue: Error When Adding Users to Google Groups


When attempting to add a user as a new member of a Google Group, either through manual or bulk spreadsheet action in BetterCloud for G Suite, or via an automated Workflow action in BetterCloud, this action may fail in the following instance: 

  • If the new member already has a pending join request submitted in Google Groups

In this instance, Google will return will return a failure message stating "Member Already Exists", which will then be reported in BetterCloud and BetterCloud for G Suite. However, Google will not report this user as a current member of the group, and therefore this user will not appear as a member in BetterCloud  or BetterCloud for G Suite. 

Next Steps

To accept or reject any pending join requests for your Google Group, please see Google Support documentation here, under "Accept requests to join your Group": 

Google Support: Add people to your group

Next, you wish to run a Directory sync in BetterCloud for G Suite, to ensure that your Google Group data in our app is up to date. 

BetterCloud is currently reaching out to Google for more information about this error and its behavior. This article will be updated as additional information becomes available. 

For any questions or concerns, or to be updated when this issue has been resolved, please contact BetterCloud Support

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