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With the new BetterCloud officially launched and growing in scope alongside BetterCloud for G Suite, updates are being made to the BetterCloud pricing structure to account for our full suite of products, as well as our growing family of third party integrations.

This article will guide you through the changes to the BetterCloud pricing structure, the features and functionality included in each plan, and what to expect when your subscription reaches its point of renewal.

BetterCloud Pricing and Plans Until May 10, 2017

Prior to May 10, 2017, customers of BetterCloud have been subscribed to our existing product, BetterCloud for G Suite, through one of two plans: Pro or Enterprise.

Pro offers directory management, custom reporting and dashboards, and tool-based settings management for G Suite domains.

Enterprise offers everything available in Pro, with additional functionality for third party app security and DLP, data point auditing and resource management for G Suite domains. In late 2016, we also upgraded this plan to include access to the new BetterCloud app, and our exclusive Workflows automation tool.

Going forward from May 10, 2017 our existing Pro plan, centered only on the BetterCloud for G Suite app, will be discontinued as an option for renewal. Our existing Enterprise plan, offering both BetterCloud for G Suite and BetterCloud apps, will still be available for renewal. This plan has been renamed BetterCloud One: please read on below for more information.

New Pricing and Plans, available as of May 10, 2017

Our new pricing structure will include three brand new plans: BetterCloud One, BetterCloud Core and BetterCloud Enterprise. All three plans will have access to the full BetterCloud for G Suite app. However, similar to our previous plans, they will differ in access to available tools and functionality in the new BetterCloud app, and accessible Connectors.

BetterCloud One is designed for domains that fully utilize G Suite, but not other SaaS products. This plan will offer automated Workflows, auditing and Actions for users and groups, Data Management, customized Privileges, Alerts, and historical Audit Logs, but these tools will only be available to integrate with the Google Connector.

BetterCloud Core will offer everything available in BetterCloud One, plus the option to integrate one instance of each of our third party Connectors, in addition to Google.

BetterCloud Enterprise will offer all of the functionality of BetterCloud for G Suite and the library of new Connectors in Core, plus custom Alerts and insights, support for multiple instances of each Connector, user activity logs across integrated apps, priority access to limited previews, and project management and implementation with a dedicated BetterCloud Customer Success Manager. 

Whether you are a new or existing customer, please continue reading below for more information on what your domain can expect from its new subscription.

New Customers

For new customers who do not yet have a BetterCloud subscription, please see current available options on our pricing page here: BetterCloud Pricing

Existing Customers

Beginning 90 days from your domain’s date of renewal, your Customer Success Manager will reach out via a series of emails to present options for your BetterCloud renewal, provide more information on our new plans, and help you to choose the best plan for your organization’s needs.


Do these changes mean that you’re deprecating the BetterCloud for G Suite product?

No; there are no plans to deprecate our BetterCloud for G Suite app, at this time. BetterCloud and BetterCloud for G Suite are intended to be used in tandem, while BetterCloud expands in functionality.


I can’t access the new app. What do I do?

Newly designated admins, as well as users with access roles granted in BetterCloud for G Suite, will not automatically inherit access to the new BetterCloud app. Please speak with your domain’s primary admin for BetterCloud, who can use the Privileges tool to provide you with access.


If I start using the new BetterCloud app, will I lose access to the old one?

No. Your BetterCloud subscription plan will ensure that you have access to the full BetterCloud for G Suite app, as well as the tools in the new BetterCloud app that correspond with your plan.


I only use G Suite, and don’t use any other SaaS products. Do I have to purchase Core or Enterprise?

No; in this case, the new BetterCloud One plan is perfect for you! This plan is designed for domains that will solely utilize the Google connector in BetterCloud. Please see above for further details about this plan.


I want to speak to someone about how these changes will affect me. Who do I contact?

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager at BetterCloud, or email for assistance.


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