Release: 05/10/2017 - NEW - Group Actions in Workflows and Action Engine


Release date: 05/10/2017

Platform: BetterCloud

Related to: Workflows Builder, Actions

Description: New group actions have been added to the Workflow Builder and Action Engine, to help you manage Google Group settings more effectively in BetterCloud. 

  • Set Group Permission Settings - This action configures a Google group's permission settings, such as who can view the group, who can contact the owner, and more.

  • Set Group Membership Settings - This action configures a Google group's membership settings, such as who can join the group, who can view membership, and more.

  • Set Group Posting Settings - This action configures a Google group's posting settings, such as who can post, reply to, spam moderation, and more.

More information: Workflow BuilderGoogle Events, Conditions and Actions in Workflows

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