Use Case: Delete Users in Bulk


Especially for larger organizations, there may be occasions in which a large number of user accounts need to be suspended or deleted at one time. Rather than the cumbersome process of manually selecting users for deletion one at a time, you can combine the Bulk Update Tool in BetterCloud for G Suite with a workflow to automate a mass action at once, as well as create the infrastructure necessary for this action to happen seamlessly as triggered on your domain, in the future. 


Our Bulk Update spreadsheet method will allow you to make changes to many users at once, and Workflows can take care of the deletion action. But for these two processes to work together, you'll have to make a bulk change that Workflows will recognize as a triggering event. 

In this case, updating a user's org unit is a convenient change to make in bulk, and a solid workflow event that won't be invasive in other areas. It can also function as the last action in a deprovision workflow, if you want to create cascading automations! 

1. If you don't already have an org unit that can function solely for this purpose, you'll first want to create one. In this example, we've created an org unit called "Delete Users". 

2. Next, create and publish a workflow using this org unit change as your event and condition, and 'delete user' as your action: 


3. Finally, navigate to BetterCloud for G Suite and follow the bulk update instructions, changing the values in column O of your spreadsheet to the org unit you set in your workflow: 


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