Salesforce Events, Conditions, and Actions in Workflows



This article provides an overview of the available events (WHEN), conditions (IF), and actions (THEN) that you'll find in Workflows, from the Salesforce Connector in BetterCloud.



Please note important requirements for some alerts:

1. Some alerts require you to have Salesforce Shield and Real-Time Event Monitoring enabled as an additional add-on to your Salesforce plan. These alerts are only available on our Pro and Enterprise versions and are noted with an asterisk (*).

2. If you enabled Salesforce Shield and Real-Time Event Monitoring after connecting Salesforce in BetterCloud, please contact Support ( to enable these alerts in your BetterCloud environment.

Report Exported By User*

A report was exported by a user

Report Run By User*

A report is run by a user

List View Updated*

A user has updated a list view 

User Impersonated*

A user's account has been logged into by a delegate. This alert currently cannot be used to trigger a workflow. 

Failed User Login*

A user has failed to log in

Successful User Login*

A user successfully logged into Salesforce

Administrator Count Exceeds threshold

The number of Salesforce Administrators has exceeded the threshold set

Users with No Department

Users who are missing a department in their profile

Users with No First Name

Users who are missing a first name in their profile

Users with No Manager

Users who are missing a manager in their profile

Users with No Phone Number

Users who are missing a phone number from their profile

Users with No Title

Users who are missing a title in their profile

User’s Department Changes

Users that have their department changed in Salesforce


In order to scope your Workflow triggers further, you can add conditions directly to custom Alerts you configure from the Alerts grid.


All actions can be taken manually from the "Actions" dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the BetterCloud screen, if applicable, or added to a Workflow as a THEN action for automation. For a full list of the currently available Salesforce actions, please see our actions library.

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