Dropbox Events, Conditions, and Actions in Workflows



This article provides an overview of the available events (WHEN), conditions (IF), and actions (THEN) that you'll find in Workflows, from the Dropbox Integration in BetterCloud.



The following Alerts can be used as Workflow events:

Empty Groups

Groups with no membership

Files Larger than 1GB Added

Files uploaded to Dropbox that are greater than 1GB

Suspended User Count Exceeds Threshold

The number of users currently suspended has exceeded the threshold set

Team Administrator Added

Users that have had administrator permissions added

Team Administrator Removed

Users that have had their administrator permissions removed

User-managed Group Added

A user-managed group has been added to the team

Files with Public Sharing Links

Files that have had public sharing links added

Files Shared Externally

Files that are explicitly shared with external recipients

Folders Shared Externally

Folders that are explicitly shared with external recipients

User Account Captured*

Users account has been captured and successfully migrated

File Deleted*

Files deleted from Dropbox

File Created*

Files created in Dropbox

Folder Deleted*

Folders deleted from Dropbox

Folder Created*

Folders created in Dropbox

File Previewed By User*

Files that have been previewed by a user

File Downloaded By User*

Files that have been downloaded

Successful User Login*

Successful user login to Dropbox

Failed User Login*

User failed to login to Dropbox

Sensitive Data Scanned*

Sensitive data found in a file

*Please Note: The Activity-based Alerts marked with an asterisk require at least one condition in order to be activated.


In order to scope your Workflow triggers further, you can add conditions directly to custom Alerts you configure from the Alerts grid.


All actions can be taken manually from the "Actions" dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the BetterCloud screen, if applicable, or added to a Workflow as a THEN action for automation.

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